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Training Pathway

To accompany the training programme a GUIDE FOR TRAINERS has been produced based around how to teach the modules in a blended format – using the on-line training programme combined with face-to-face classroom teaching – a BLENDED LEARNING APPROACH.

THE TRAINING PATHWAY sets out a four stage approach that trainers should adhere to when teaching the programme - This Pathway approach forms the basis of the written SUPPORT GUIDE.

STAGE ONE: The first part of the training is spent in the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of visual storytelling, screenwriting, digital cinematography, editing and directing.

STAGE TWO: The second stage of the training will take the students out of the classroom and into a practical setting, where they will have the chance to take responsibility for leading each other and managing a film shoot.

STAGE THREE: At the third stage, students will edit their films and receive a DVD of their work. This will be interspersed with shadowing and ‘live’ opportunities to engage within the work place environment of operational TV and media businesses.

STAGE FOUR: Students should also be given instruction in a range of transferrable skills such as project management, raising finance, marketing, budgeting, interviewing, evaluation, ICT and digital skills and the use of social media.

The on-line training programme can act as stand-alone course OR can be used by trainers using the complementary Guide as a full blended learning experience.

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